Rahma Khaled, a girl who challenges her Down syndrome


On the National Day of People with Special Abilities, the heroin Rahma Khaled who appeared yesterday with a breath-taking look on Al Ghad channel, presenting the program “Yom Gdeed”. For the first time, you will not notice that she is having a disability as actually she is one of those who challenged their disabilities and became “People with Special Abilities” instead of special needs. Her innocent appearance with professional performance amazed the people who watched her yesterday.

“I did not sleep yesterday, hugging my dress because of my happiness” said Rahma, a girl with 22 years who dreamt of becoming a T.V presenter. Her dream came true and she became the first T.V presenter with Down syndrome.

She received special courses in presenting and media during the last months to prepare her for this step. She also has a previous experience in presenting 2 years ago; as she presents the program “Atfal El Yom” on “Soot El Arab” radio station. She always says that she is fighting to work in media as she considers it as the best way to represent people with special abilities, and it is a live experience that they can work for different fields.

Rahma is multi talented girl. As she graduated from High institution of Tourism and Hotel Management, and she’s also a professional swimmer as she won the first prize of swimming in the Olympic Games (2010-2011). She also won the first prize in Egypt for swimming in 2010. We started celebrating the National Day of people with special abilities in 1992 as a step forward empowering them. This year’s wave took the slogan of Empowering the people with special abilities and achieve equality among them.