#GoingHistorical: Do you think you really know Walt Disney? Now you will.

On 5 December 1901, the great animator Walt Disney was born to be the fourth child out of 5 children. He practiced drawing since a very young age, and no doubt his journey was a hard one yet so inspiring. We’ve gathered five interesting facts for you to know more about Disney’s life.

  1. His admiration for trains:84753499-553e-4374-841f-d1c1fdcb1b05
    Disney was enchanted with trains since his childhood. Later on when he used to sketch characters he would work on trains. The interesting fact is, when he was a teen he used to sell snacks and newspapers on trains. His father and uncle used to work on railroads so apparently his task was done with love and affection rather than the need. Also, it quite seems that Disney was an active teenager since he used to have another task which is delivering newspapers before and after school.
  2. Unparalleled education journey:fa8d6951-7293-42c9-acc8-56089011032a
    Along side his education in school, he used to make effort on his talent in drawing and interest in cartoons. Disney had attended different courses in art at several places such as; Kansas City Art Institute and Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. In high school, he was the cartoonist of the school newspaper. It’s said that he left school to join the US army, but he was rejected for being too young. However, he joined the Red Cross as an ambulance driver.
  3. First Studio -NOT WALT DISNEY:f7e2586e-eea2-48fb-b5dc-176fad6ae85f
    Disney’s first steps in his career were as a cartoonist. When he joined an ad company, he became interested in animation. He studied more about it, tried different styles and techniques until he found a great interest in one that the company didn’t prefer. So, with partnership of a co-worker from the ad company Disney started Laugh-O-Gram, his first studio.
  4. His first iconic character -NOT MICKEY MOUSE:fcb8168b-c08c-47c1-b1df-c5d1ad8d7e27
    Through Disney’s career life and before starting Walt Disney, he worked for Universal Pictures. When the company needed a new material, he created Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, his first iconic character. The new series made a great success, but things weren’t done right business wise, and Disney decided to stop working for Universal Pictures.
  5. The creation of Mickey Mouse:3155a00b-f6d6-46e6-ac06-b2f22235732a
    After leaving Universal Pictures, Disney found out that the company had the property rights of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. So, Disney decided to come up with a new character. That’s when Mickey Mouse was created, or Mortimer Mouse. First the name Mortimer was given to the character, but it was developed to be Mickey instead.

Since the establishment of Walt Disney till now, cartoon and animation had gone through different stages and levels. Who would ever imagine back in the 20th century that the world would have animation movies like those produced lately? I think no one.
The world goes too fast, and all it takes to create something magical is a step. Walt Disney and all the other inspiring role models we look up too everyday hadn’t something extra we don’t have, they only believed in what they work on.