Rania Youssef faces trial for wearing a dress of her own choice.

Between supporters acknowledging her right to choose the way she dresses and critics accusing her of not meeting societal morals and standards, Rania Youssef’s look at the closing night of the 40th edition of the Cairo Film Festival, held last Thursday night, has been leading a storm of arguments on social media platforms.

After the heat of hate comments and negative feedback Rania has gotten from her fans online, the Egyptian actress apologized on her own personal account, stating that she would’ve never worn that dress if she had known it would cause all that controversy. She also added that she is committed to the values she was raised upon in an Egyptian family and that wearing it was probably miscalculated.df9e72b3-b1ad-46b0-b8d9-fff9b051889f

However, unlike most buzzes that take over the social media and subside within a matter of days. This issue seemed to have escalated, taking a tragic turn risking both Rania’s career and freedom. A suit has been filed against Rania by two lawyers accusing her of “inciting debauchery”, which if she got convicted for can lead to up to 5 years of jail.

It only took a few hours after issuing the suit against her to go viral, grabbing the attention of the international news and magazines worldwide making sure it was no longer confined to the Egyptian society. The interactions from non-Egyptians worldwide to the news, were ranging from anger to disappointment and even confusion.

“Egyptian queens wore lesser than this in B.C.” commented one of the fans on an over a half million viewers’ video posted on Now This –international news page- about the issue. “Men can’t control themselves they put women in jail for that. It’s always the other way around women’s fault”, commented another. The rest of the comments ranged between people who were confused about how there are more important issues that deserved to be addressed, people mentioning how ridiculous and abusive to women’s freedom that action was and others even wondering if swimsuits are illegal in Egypt!2726e83d-6a3b-4c7e-9fd6-2072db0fb5b6 5b2127b2-6319-464c-b13e-c5cbee6a4119 0c2392c8-59bb-4446-b88c-d10dedd0e1b4 4234ae32-1e52-4c4a-aa41-8cb62fb3eae6