Egypt beats Tunis and is a mile away from qualifying for FIBA World Cup.


The Egypt national team has overcome the unbeaten since 2016 Tunis with a result of 73-64 in the African qualifiers for the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 in China.

Egypt did not dominate from the start as they were beaten by a close score of 23-22 in the first quarter, however the Egyptian team managed to draw level with the Tunisians as they claimed the victory for the second quarter with another one goal difference 15-14.

Both teams maintained the performance as Tunis again won the third quarter 10-9 and Egypt capitalized the fourth quarter with a score of 12-11. The teams were forced to play extra time where the pharaohs managed to triumph with a 15-6 score.

Following the win, Egypt booked the second spot in the table below the leaders Tunis with 3 points difference, follows Angola with 17 points with still Chad’s game in hand, Cameroon then go fourth in the table with 15 points, Chad and Morocco then share same points of 13.

Egypt still are set to meet up with Cameroon which has a game with Morocco that if they won will toughen things a little bit for the pharaohs as they will need to win the awaiting encounter or lose with less than four points difference to officially determine the qualification.