In loving memory of Stephen Hillenburg, Here are the best 10 Spongebob Episodes of all time.

The 57-year-old creator of spongebob squarepants just passed away and the world is consumed with grief. He had been brilliant beyond levels to create a cartoon that is smart enough for adults and weird enough for children. Immensely fun with hidden, sobering lessons, it’s the legacy he left behind. And while every episode is iconic in its own way, we have listed 10 episodes that almost everyone agrees are the best of the best:

Band Geeks:09961e6e-7440-451c-b93a-78a128cb3a77

Unarguably the best episode of all time. Airing on Sep 17 of the year 2001, it left an imprint in the minds of all fans. We got to see Squidward succeed in something—for once—and let’s not forget the catchy, super fantastic song. More importantly, we learned along with Patrick Star that Mayonnaise is not, in fact, an instrument.
Chocolate With Nuts:51cefb73-209d-4f26-81c4-9f8c8782e698

The 52nd episode of the series is an LOL hit. From the direct dig at marketing’s shady strategies to the relatable obsession with chocolate, it’s an episode that goes down in history as a prodigy.
• Pizza Delivery:e823794a-e23e-434d-9f17-a3f9696c85fd

And how can anyone forget Krusty Krab’s first—and only?—pizza delivery? This episode was the 1st segment of the 5th episode in the lovable series and by then we’d all been in love with it. Not to mention, we got to see the rare phenomenon of Squidward’s soft side for his nautical neighbour.
• The Camping Episode:b109976a-34ff-45ba-9a9a-e980f88313fc

There was a vital lesson in this episode… never provoke a sea bear by doing stuff that would allure a sea bear. We also glimpsed the prodigy of underwater fire and the ever-lasting misery of Mr. Tentacles.
• The Graveyard Shift:3ff105b3-dfd7-4362-8dc9-b62ef63a2a85

And who can forget one of the times the Krusty Krab opened for 24 hours? Boredom led Squidward to play a prank on Spongebob and ended up regretting it—like every other 11 minutes of his life. The Sash-ringing.. The Trash-singing.. Uhh. The Hash-slinging Slasher!
• The Idiot Box:0faf2f8e-ec0e-4f37-9674-a9570f3bc824

The power of imagination that beat the dullness of television. A power that, clearly, Squidward lacks. He does get his fun after all… down in the dumps.
• Krusty Krab Training Video:cd60e148-1ad1-41fe-ac5e-bef8c4dd6064

In case you were longing to be a perfect KK employee, this episode explained it all… and well, it kind of sheds terrifying shade on the favorite food establishment of Bikini Bottom.
• Sailor Mouth:6eabec69-0b45-4942-9f27-633badc39bfe

We all had a good guess what those censored insults might be… and those who didn’t probably googled them. This episode was one of the funniest, sarcastic episodes of our lives and there is no such thing as watching it too many times.
• Club Spongebob:21f21ae1-f21c-4770-bcae-f0acffd6739b

The famous episode where Squidward throws shade at his makers by crying: “Oh, why must every eleven minutes of my life be filled with misery? Why-y-y-y? I bet most of us root for him every now and then. Personally, we relate to Squidward a lot…
• The Fry Cook Games:b9a0881f-b8b5-4891-b057-e0acaa3abb77

If there’s anything better than the Olympics, it’s the Fry Cook Games. A tournament full of delicious, makes-no-sense, hilarious challenges that we love to watch. On repeat. And let’s not forget the epiphany Spongebob and Patrick experience at the end… they dooo care!
If you think there’s an episode that should’ve made the list, let us know in the comments!