5 Bookstores That Will Make You Replace Your Smartphone With A Book

In the era of technology, people are getting more dependent every day on their smartphones and computers for working, entertainment and even reading books. But that haven’t stopped bookstores from flourishing every day and proving to everyone that nothing is more entertaining that holding a book between your hands. So here are some of the best bookstores in Cairo that will help you feed your love for reading.

1. Azbakeya Delivery
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Azbakeya is an online bookstore in which you will find all of the books that you can dream of, even special ordering books and having them delivered to your doorsteps. They are highly famous for the amazing offers that they make from time to time, epically on large series of books. Make sure to check out their online page.

2. The BookSpot
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A small bookstore in a corner of Road 9 in Maadi, The BookSpot was founded September 2004 by two amazing women that were brought together by their love for books and the dream to own a successful bookstore one day; Mandy & Sigrun. The store quickly grew to become of the most people bookshops in Maadi. You can also check their store in Downtown Mall as well as their online bookstore.

3. Books Stop
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Books Stop is an online bookstore that offers a wide variety of used books with the most affordable prices, amazing quality, and even free shipping regardless of where you live! You can even sell/trade books with them; you can contact them on their Instagram page Booksstop17.

4. Cherry Blossom Books
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Cherry Blossom Books is an Egyptian bookstore that was founded in 2011, the owner Somaya Salama and her family have made it their mission to
We have taken up the challenge and will work hard to bring the people of Egypt a quality and convenient online shopping experience down under.
You can visit their new store in Rehab or just log in to their online bookstore.

5. Virgin Megastore
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No surprise that Virgin Megastore has been included in this list, Virgin is considered one of the largest stores that include a section for books and literature, offering a massive collection of books in different languages as well as comic books and other various literature products.

And in the end, we’d like to guarantee you that these 5 places will turn you into a bookworm and they will become your favorite places.