The Four Biscuits: freshly baked biscuits by the hands of Down Syndrome youth

As siblings of youth with Down Syndrome, we wanted to create a safe environment for them to work and be productive.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome The Four Biscuits!
The four biscuits is a local biscuits seller who’s been working since August 2017. The idea came to the three co-founders Nada Ahmed, Noura Salem and Sherine Salem to help their sisters with Down Syndrome to work and be productive.IMG_1429

The three co-founders’ sisters were friends at a special needs school. With a third friend of them and a fourth girl, The Four Biscuits was named after. The co-founders added that after two months a baker left the project but they kept the name as a tribute to the four initial bakers. Now, the team has reached a number of 7 bakers between the age of 13 to 30 years old.IMG_1428

The Four Biscuits currently work from home and deliver the orders they receive online through their social media platforms. Also, they participate in open days and different events. “We initially wanted to open a bakery where they would be employed directly but it needed a lot of investment. We still work from home but we plan to get our work-space soon” said the founders.IMG_1430

As the team is getting bigger, the founders dream to have their own work-space so more people can join them.

The Four Biscuits is an inspiration to everyone, an idea turned into a business done with love a prove to everyone that they can be whoever they want and fulfill their dreams.