Be Ready for the winter season with 10 Must-have items, and garments in your wardrobe

The winter season is around the corner, so everyone is looking forward to look elegant during it. For sure you will need a warm puffy jacket and a cozy oversized sweater. And for special occasions; having a tailored blazer or a velvet dress will be great, so here you are 10 items of wardrobe essentials that will satisfy you during this beautiful season.

1)A Leather JacketIMG_1390

The semi-glossy look of leather will be perfect for going out during the coming days.

2) Animal PrintsIMG_1387

The zebra or leopard patterns are back for this season, so go a little bit wild and try one of them.

3) The CapeIMG_1388

If you need something simple, soft, and enveloping to wear; so the cape would be a perfect choice to try.

4) The Oversized Puffed JacketIMG_1391

For oversized lovers, the good news is that the oversized puffed jacket will take centre stage in winter 2019. Not just for a casual look, but also over elegant mid-length skirts.

5) A motorcycle bootIMG_1395

For laid-back days, a motorcycle boot is essential.

6) The HeadscarfIMG_1389

From classic accessory, here is the headscarf; to wear around the neck or face to garment.


7) The Cowboy PantsIMG_1396

“Cowboy style” is back, courtesy of accessories like cowboy boots, and belts, but the cowboy pants is a true standout item for Fall 2018, and Winter 2019.

8) The Pleated SkirtIMG_1393

It is a firm staple in our wardrobes. Knee-length ones will be a good choice for showing up this season.

9) Plaid PantsIMG_1392

For work outfits, a plaid pant is one of the best items you can wear.

10) An Over-the-Knee bootsIMG_1394

For special occasions, you can try an over-the-knee boots with a long coat or a short skirt.

It is this time of the year to be at our most elegant!