#GoingSuccessful: 4 Beautiful Models Of The Arab World Who Made it Big

It’s no secret that modeling is considered one of the toughest careers in the world, having women work so hard to get into the industry and work even harder to stay in it.
Something to make us proud is when we see Arab/Egyptian women in Egypt being successful and recognized all over the world for their work and modeling. So scroll down and take a look at the 4 Arab Models currently taking resident in Egypt.

1. Salma Abu Deif
Actor and supermodel, Salma Abu Deif succeeded in climbing the ladder of modeling, with her pixie looks and gorgeous poses. She became worldwide famous gaining thousands of followers when she wrote an open letter to Vogue after being rejected as an international model due to her height. Salma defiantly proved all of her rejecters wrong.

2. Suzan Idris
Who said you have to be fair in order to be labeled beautiful? Meet Suzan Idris, her unique feature is what made her one of the most beautiful models of today. Born to Sudanese parents but living in Egypt her entire life, Suzan stands out by having a beautiful dark skin tone. Suzan is proving that being different won’t stop her from climbing that ladder.

3. Tara Emad
Born to an Egyptian father and a Montenegrin mother, Tara Emad defiantly grasped the hearts of the entire Arab world, with her innocent look and exquisite style. Tara previously participated in Miss Teen Egypt and won the award back in 2010, she also entered the Miss Global Teen pageant the same year in Brazil; and was the 1st runner-up and given the title of Teen Queen of Africa.

4. Yasmine
Yasmine is the new and young face that appeared in the modeling world recently. Born to Egyptian Iraqi parents, the redhead beauty has left her mark across Egypt and beyond, filling photo shoots and debuting in TV series, all by the age of 20. We foresee a great future ahead for her.