Ahmed Helmy is Finally Back with Kids on “Little Big Stars”

He started off 20 years ago and he hasn’t stopped!

Ever since “Le3b 3eyal” in 1998, renowned star and comedian Ahmed Helmy has been our favorite kid show host. He later hosted “Man Sayarbah Elbonbon” and “Shwayet 3eyal” and now he is back presenting a new TV program on MBC Masr titled “Little Big Stars”; the Arabic edition of “Little Big Shots”, making Helmy the Arab version of Steve Harvey.

The show airs exceptional talents of children from all over the Arab World, away from competitions and challenges. Each episode, we see a bunch of “young stars” with talents including, but not limited to, singing, poetry, painting, fashion design and acrobatic performances, in addition to dancing, playing sports, and arts of all kinds.

Each child gets interviewed by Helmy in an unscripted, spontaneous conversation to get to know him/her before moving on to the second part of showcasing the talent; giving the child an opportunity to present his/her skill to the audience.

The first episode showcased the talents of 6 kids; the multitalented Tara Al-Khoury who appears to be a pianist, singer, dancer, and language speaker, Mohamed Al-Harby, actor and so-called successor to Saudi Arabian comedian; Nasser Al-Qasabi, the strong athlete Ramadan Awndash, the funny little Adham Shafik with the impressive photographic memory, the eloquent poet Rayhan Al-Atrash with an already published poem collection and last but not least, the dazzling singer, Lama Khaled.

It was a great start to the show but we are still eager for more talents, more playfulness and more fun! And apparently, there is a huge team whom we hope we can depend on to bring this to our screens in the coming episodes 🙂

It even already has fans:

“Little Big Stars” is scheduled to air every Saturday on MBC Masr channel, at 8:30 pm CLT, 9:30 pm KSA and 6:30 pm GMT.

Don’t forget to tune in and find more at the hashtags ‎#نجوم_صغار ‎#MBCLittleBigStars