5 Golden Egyptian Movies From the Early 2000’s That Perfectly Describe Every Single Relationship We See Nowadays

Remember life around a decade ago? Over that time period, a lot has changed. We evolved; from Nokia phones to Blackberry and then the iPhone era, the introduction of the famous Ice Watch, and then there was the social media which literally changed everything. Well, with everything changing, Egyptian movies did too. Back in the early 2000’s, it was the golden era for stars like Ahmed Helmy, Ahmed El-Sakka, Mona Zaki, Karim Abd El-Aziz, Hala Shiha, Hanan Turk, and even more. Those people created some timeless movies, the romance and drama they gave us back then is still relevant, because with everything changing around us, love is still the same.

Need proof? Well,

  1. Elsellem wel te’ban (2001)

Written and directed by Tareq El-Iryan and starring Hani Salama, Hala Shiha and Ahmed Helmi. Elsellem wel te’ban tells the story of a divorced man meets a decent young woman at a party, and she intrigues the player in him. Hazem then does his best to catch this hot girl he saw, however, he doesn’t do this out of love. When Yasmeen finally realizes that she deserves better, she walks away leaving him as drunk and lost as ever. When the player finally changes, their friends come up with a plan to fix the relationship between Hazem and Yasmeen. Tell me you haven’t seen that at least once in your life!

2. Sahar El Layali (2003)

Four couples show us the real deal about being married. Starring Ahmed Helmi, Mona Zaki, Fathy Abdelwahab, Khaled Aboul Naga, Hanan Turk, Sherif Mounir, Ola Ghanem and Gihan Fadl and written by no other than the legendary scriptwriter, Tamer Habib. This isn’t a romantic movie where you fall in love with the whole idea of marriage and so on, on the contrary, this movie shows you the actual troubles! From cheating to unsatisfaction, Tamer Habib managed to break all taboos and give us a realistic view to the lives of those four couples.

3. Short w Fanela w Cap (2000)

Starring Ahmed El Sakka, Nour, Sherif Mounir and Ahmed Eid, this movie is about hope, freedom and finding true love against all odds. Short w Fanellah w Cap follow the story of Rabab, a girl controlled by her father who tries to break the chains. When her father, a Lebanese Minister, takes her with him on a trip to Sharm El-Sheikh, the wild side of her takes over. After her father refused her marriage to the man she loves, Rabab seeks the help of Khaled -a tour guide in Sharm El Sheikh- to escape. On their trip, she finds out that that guy is a fraud who deceived her. Rabab and Khaled then continue their trip and they actually fall in love.

4. Enta Omry (2004)

If The Fault in Our Stars made you cry, then this movie will literally break your heart into pieces. Enta Omry follows the story of two cancer patients, Shams and Youssif. While Shams leads a very successful life as a ballerina and Youssif is a happily married architect, they meet in a hospital after the shocking news of their illness. They give each other support as they go on fighting cancer together when feelings evolve. The love triangle and the cancer battle together make it impossible for any human being not to break down into tears.

5. Wahed Saheeh (2011)

Abdullah (Hani Salama) is a rich, charming and ultimately successful man. He’s a typical womanizer who’s not ready to settle down in any way, no matter how much his mother tries. Abdullah only finds comfort with his bestfriend, Nadine (Basma). He tells her about every single detail in his life, every relationship and every fling. His life goes upside down when he meets his Christian ex-girlfriend who suddenly chose to disappear from his life, Amira. They start seeing each other again, when Amira decides to disappear one more time. While Abdullah grieves the loss of Amira again, he gets engaged to Nadine’s relative Mariam. We watch the whole story of Abdullah searching for the right partner in every girl he meets. However, this movie isn’t really about Abdullah, but rather about Nadine. The bestfriend hearing every single story Abdullah has to say. She goes through a divorce that Abdullah later learns is because she loves him. The right partner for Abdullah was right there in front of him the whole time.