A Page Promoting Tourism in Egypt Calls Women Names and Facebook Users Report Them to the Ministry of Tourism

For years, Egypt’s economy has relied greatly on tourism. We’ve witnessed a great period of recession when the country’s political status was unstable and the number of tourists visiting Egypt fell; the whole government and almost every single Egyptian fought hardly to bring tourists back!

From This is Egypt to sponsoring events in the World Cup, Egypt has been trying to position itself as the tourist-friendly country with multiple activities and rich culture one more time.

Now with all of this finally paying off and Egypt’s name being mentioned as one of the best touristic sights in the biggest publications worldwide again, a page named Egyptomania Luxury Tours hops in and does everything wrong in both the business aspect and the ethical one.

It all started when a user posted that she doesn’t recommend them as they’re not very professional. The admin of the page then chose to prove her point by replying in the most unprofessional and unethical manner ever.

Internet users then took it upon themselves to teach this page a lesson. Comments and posts flooded warning people from dealing with such an organization that has no respect for women, and the page’s admin managed to say all the wrong words with every single reply, again!

And when things went that bad, clients threatened of reporting the whole thing to the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism.

The management of the page apologized and tried to further explain the whole situation, but still nothing justified their behavior in the first place!

Through their word, they even accused their clients of basing opinions on “incomplete stories”

Now that we’ve read the whole story, we can clearly say that there’s no justification for insulting women whether it was done privately or through the business’ Facebook page. Under no circumstances would that be acceptable. Sorry, Egyptomania Luxury Tours, everything you’ve been trying to build for the past 25 years fell to the ground the second you decided to act unethically or even hire a person who knows nothing about basic customer service and respect.

Do you believe that their justification and apology were enough to fix all that mess? Tell us in the comments section below.