5 Singing Auditions You’ll Keep on Repeat Over and Over Again

Many times did talent shows surprise their audience with everyday people who stood out once they set foot on the stage. From magic, card tricks, stand-up comedy, and our favorite pick, singing. On digging further through hundreds of auditions on YouTube, they formed a world of their own where no boundaries exist. Their vocals, song choice, and feeling made people watch their performances over and over till the views hit millions in no time.

  • Louisa Johnson – The X Factor  UK

Even though it was a bold move to sing for the Jackson five, Louisa had faith in her vocals. She got on stage emotionally overwhelmed. After relaxing with chitchat with the judges & some deep breaths, there was no stopping her. Nailing such a difficult song as “Who’s Loving You” earned her the judges and audience admiration.

  • Carly Rose Sonenclar – The X Factor USA

Moving to another classical song, “Feeling Good” performed by none but the greatest, Nina Simone. The 13-year-old Carley caught the judges and audience not only by her cuteness but also by her outstanding performance of this particular song. She wowed everyone by her vocal abilities which are so huge for someone at that age.

  • Calum Scott – Britain’s Got Talent

Before he went up on stage, Calum’s sister was also signing for the judges. Yet, she got turned over as they didn’t see enough talent in her. Calum was shaking when it was his turn to sing. Calum chose to sing a slower version of “Dancing On My Own” By Robyn. Suddenly, the shy boy turned to someone who owned the stage by his voice and captured the audience attention. He made the song his own, and maybe that’s the reason he got a golden buzzer sending straight to Live Shows.

  • Sarah Ikum – Britain’s Got Talent

The talent continues to run in BGT with one of the greatest songs in the world, according to Simon Cowell. Sarah picked “And I’m Telling You” By Jennifer Holliday because it showed her vocal ability the best. And well, she did indeed. Turned out that Sarah was a singing diva. That song presented her as maybe the next “Whitney Houston”. The killing performance she gave won her a golden buzzer from Simon Cowell himself.

  • Rachel Potter/The X Factor USA

She was afraid to enter the music industry until she turned 29. Thinking maybe it’s her last chance of becoming a country star, Rachel decided to conquer her fears and doubts. And what’s better than singing “Somebody To Love” By Queen to achieve such a thing? Rachel impressed the X Factor stage so much that one of the judges named a beast because of her insane vocal control.

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