Toy Story 4: The Introduction of Forky

A new road trip seems to be set for the Toy Story pals as Woody and Buzz embark on a quest to find Woody’s romantic interest, Bo Peep.

In a new teaser, it shows Woody, Jessie, Buzz Lightyear, Mr Potato, Rex, Hamm and Slinky Dog, alongside a newcomer to the group: Forky.

The new addition Forky is actually not a toy, and by the looks of it, he doesn’t even fancy staying in Bonnie’s room, “I’m not a toy, I don’t belong here” he cries in the teaser.

Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and Joan Cusack return as the voices of Woody, Buzz and Jessie, while comedian Tony Hale is the voice of the newbie Forky.

John Lasseter who masterminded the first two films and wrote the third was expected to direct the fourth film, although he stepped down last year leaving space for Josh Cooley, thus taking part only as a writer of the franchise hit.

The first Toy story film was released in 1995 and was the first ever fully computer animated feature film. It was nominated for three Oscars and two Golden Globes. 4 years later, Toy story 2 broke box office records.

11 years later, the third film was released in 2010 to win Oscars for best animated feature film and best achievement in music written for motion pictures.

Toy Story 4 is expected in UK cinemas on 21st of June, 2019.