On His 34th Birthday, Here are 6 Reasons Why We Love Bakri Khaled Kabakibi

Photo Credits: Unknown

Bakri Khaled Kabakibi, the Syrian actor who’s more Egyptian than any one you’ll ever meet, turns 34 today. So, on his 34th birthday, we decided to show appreciation for all the times he made us laugh till we actually cried. Here are 6 reasons why Bakri Khaled will always be one of our favorites!

  1. He Takes Risks.

Bakri is a medical student who decided to leave everything behind and pursue his dream of being an actor. He literally left an exam for an audition. He started from the bottom, and till this day, he’s working hard to be where he deserves to be. If that’s not an inspiring success story, we don’t know what is. Wanna know more about his story, check his full interview with us here.

2. He Loves Egypt and Syria Equally.


You can’t even tell if he’s actually Egyptian or Syrian. He’s got the best of both worlds; the funny hilarious side of Egyptians and the hardworking helpful side of Syrians. He’s creative. Makes you laugh, and still makes you question how can someone be that kind. We still can’t get over the beauty he showed us from his trip to Syria last year, seriously.

3. Need Help? Bakri Man is on his way!

Well, that is one story that happened to me personally. I needed help for a university project and I asked Bakri, he didn’t even know me back then, however, he didn’t hesitate to help! Bakri does that for every single person. Fame didn’t really turn him into an arrogant person, on the contrary, he’s even more down to earth now.

4. Funny.

Well, where do I start? El Weekend Ba3d Sen El Talateen? Abou Hafiza? El Waseya? I can’t recall one time where he appeared on my TV screen and didn’t make me -and everyone in the room- laugh. He has this talent of knowing when and how to throw the right joke. And well, he made almost half the Egyptian population curious to know more about Mohamed Amr and Mohamed Magdy who don’t even exist. 3ash Bikoo!

5. Multitalented.

Yes, he sings, performs and is one of the most unique voiceover artists like ever! Have you seen his Fresca campaign? Take him to Broadway already!

6. Creative!

Who else can transform Netflix originals into Alf Leila w Leila stories? We bet you no one!! And have you seen his performance in Meen Eli Kharam El Badla? Seriously guys!

Happy birthday you artist, thanks for all the laughs!