4 Game-Changer Mobile Apps That Majorly Altered Our Lifestyle


The past decade has witnessed a major leap in the tech industry and mobile environments in particular, from the days of the revolutionary-at-the-time Nokia 6600 and N70 till today’s jaw-dropping features of Android devices and iPhones. Such rapid evolution has ensued from the continuous refinement of user-friendly interfaces, which landed tons of apps that kept freshening up the consumers by meeting their continuously-mounting needs. So, as we examine this remarkable interval, we thought of highlighting our picks for the hottest mobile applications that took the whole industry, as well as our lifestyle, to whole new levels.

1- Shazam

Back in the day, falling for a random song on the radio was some sort of a veiled agony, as we used to have hard time identifying those accidental gems, to no avail at most times. However, such dilemma was over by the time Shazam was up on the app stores as it works its magic though recognizing all auditory tracks within seconds, portraying one of the most profound pros of technology.

2- Google Maps

Driving in Egypt’s cluttered traffic is usually a severe task to accomplish safely, but relying on people’s hit-or-miss instructions to navigate you to your destination could definitely worsen the best of days. Thanks to Google Maps, getting mixed up on the road isn’t that much of a problem anymore for its guidable service that recommends the shortest and fastest routes, offering much room for us to indulge in precious peace of mind.

3- Whatsapp

Prior to Whatsapp, chatting on mobiles was either conducted through the lagging eBuddy or via BBM that was exclusively operating on Blackberry smartphones, and with the release of the greenish messaging app, things took a turn for the better. In addition to its usability, speedy processing and compatibility with all platforms, Whatsapp came with an on-the-go voice note feature as a fertile alternative for users to deliver their communicative duties anywhere and anytime, which marked a fruitful innovation in the structure of such applications.

4- QR Code Reader

Remember the old-school papery tickets you used to purchase to attend any event? Nowadays, such passes turned digital, acquiring the shape of computed squares that users receive on their mobiles, granting them access to their desired assemblies. While most of the end-users might not be knowledgeable about it, it’s the QR Code Reader app that sets up the whole entry process, sparing you the trouble of queuing for hours to get your hands on a ticket.