Breaking Bad Movie Is In the Making and Here’s Everything We Know So Far

Breaking Bad, the series which followed the life of a chemistry teacher turning into a meth-cook with the help of his ex-student, has aired its finale back in 2013. Years after the finale, fans still perceive breaking bad as one of the best series in history.

Just yesterday, creator Vince Gilligan announced that the perfect ending of the series isn’t enough; he’s planning to go on with the drug-driven drama a little further.

The movie, named Greenbrier so far, is set to begin filming in Albuquerque. While there’s little detail about whether the movie is taking the direction of a spin-off like Better Call Saul or picking off from where the bloody finale takes place, we do know that “it tracks the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom.” Well, putting two and two together, we do sense that this could be a hint to our favorite character, JESSE PINKMAN.


According to news, Gilligan is supposed to write, executive produce and maybe even direct the two-hour movie. Production is expected to begin mid November where Breaking Bad was first filmed in New Mexico.

Until this moment, nobody confirmed whether original characters from the series -Bryan Cranston, who played Walter White, or Aaron Paul, who played Jesse Pinkman- will come back for the movie or not. It’s also not clear if the movie will be released in Cinemas or not.

Well, whatever they do, WE’RE DEFINITELY UP FOR MORE BREAKING BAD. While you wait, go check out this article on why we love Jesse Pinkman way too much.