5 Movies to Watch in Zawya during the Panorama of the European Film


Good news for all the fans of independent cinema! The first independent cinema in Egypt as known as Zawya is starting the 11th cycle of the Panorama of the European Film during the period 7th of November to 17th of November. For those who do not know; it is an event that held every year and it includes a variety of films from different countries around the world. There are different types of films; such as long narrative films, short films, independent films, in other words it is an excellent opportunity to watch what you will not find at the normal cinemas.

The event is available in some other cities; such as Alexanderia, Ismailia, Portsaid, Minya. The Panorama is a remarkable event among the youth as it targets different age groups with different cultural backgrounds so if you are interested in knowing something about everything; you should attend that event.

The variety of films includes filmic representations of universally famous characters; such as writers, fashion designers, and film makers. Here, there are some of the films that will be available to watch during the Panorama.


The first fiction film is “Becoming Astrid”, it is a depiction of the early years of the Swedish writer Astrid Lingren, who is ranked as the world’s third most translated children’s writer.

The second documentary film on the list is “McQueen”. It is the biography of the famous English fashion designer Alexander McQueen.  The film is tracking his life since he was a normal tailor to the point of becoming a celebrity and establishing his own fashion line; and spotting light on some of the turning points and some of his meetings with other celebrities.
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The French film “Custody” is the third one. It is a film by Xavier Legrand. This film participated in some of well known festivals; such as Vince Festival, and Toronto Festival. The story is about the consequences of the separation of a husband and a wife and their conflict on their child’s custody. The story is full of surprises about the real intentions of the characters and who you will choose to support.

“A Woman Captured” a film by Bernadett Tuza-Ritter. It is a mutual cooperation between Hungary and Germany. It is about the modern age slavery though Marish; the old woman who exceeded 50 years old and still working for a tyrannical matriarch. Marish labors for more than 20 hours per day receiving no payment and endures a constant barrage of emotional and physical abuse to the limit that she forgot what freedom feels like and lost all will to continue her life.

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The last film is “And Breathe Normally”. It is one of the remarkable films that participated in international film festivals. A story of a single mother from Iceland and an African refugee, they meet each other through unexpected circumstances and have a strong friendship. The main point of this film is the suffering of both women during the political and economic challenges of the world nowadays.

The list of the Panorama is a rich one and has many types that will satisfy all tastes. It also includes 7 films from the official competition in Cannes. They are “Cold War” the winner of best director, “Happy As Lazzaro” the winner of best screenplay Award, “Dogman” the winner of best actor Award, “At War”, “Summer”, “The Wild Pear”, and “Image book”.

For more help here you are the link of the Panorama schedule in Cairo, and the good news is that the pre-booking is available to make your own schedules through this link

At the end, as Zawya always says “See You at the Cinema”