We Picked a List of Our Favorite YouTube Travel Channels to Help You Plan Your Next Trip

Since Youtube is the number 1 video-sharing platform, it is home to a range of different creators. So, it became one of the most popular online venues to learn new skills, share experiences, and have a good laugh. Previously, we used to rely primarily on websites and books to plan vacations and discover new places. But nowadays, travel YouTubers  made it easier and more fun to plan vacations. They take us on their adventures and give us helpful tips and travel recommendations along the way.

As the storytelling techniques evolve, the number of travel vloggers increases. So, we decided to help you narrowing them down and brought you 5 of the best travel channels that are worth your time.

1-Fun For Louis:

Louis Cole is my absolute favorite travel vlogger, he’s a British film maker with more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube. He originally became famous through filming eating stunts on another channel, FoodForLouis, but has since taken these videos down to focus on the positive message of FunForLouis which is “Live the adventure”. Louis spends his life traveling around the world and putting together amazing daily vlogs on YouTube.

2- Mr Ben Brown:

Another British traveler who has now based himself in South Africa. In 2012, Ben switched from professional athlete to artist, aiming to make a living shooting the things he  loves most. From World Champion kayaker to YouTuber and photographer. You can notice that his videos are extremely high in quality and they are divided between daily vlogs and “visual vibes” videos.

3- Vaga Brothers:

Marko and Alex Ayling, 2 brothers from California. They founded their channel in 2012 in order to spend more time together satisfying their wanderlust. Their channel’s content focuses on local experiences and discovering hidden histories during their travels.

4- Flying the nest:

Stephen & Jess, a young Australian couple who are passionate about travelling and photography. They began blogging in September 2014 as a way of documenting their adventures together. Their travel videos are simple and fun to watch and they make sure that they get to discover the countries through locals.

P.S: Make sure to watch their Egypt’s trip videos.

5- Hey Nadine:

The Candian Youtuber, is one of the top female travel vloggers. Nadine Sykora visited more than 51 countries over the last 8 years. She always encourages people to pursue their dream and travel the world. She makes fun videos about her travels and shares useful tips and advice on how to plan your travels and save money.

Planning your upcoming trip? Those people will definitely help!