6 Reasons Why Nathan And Haley Will Always And Forever Be Relationship Goals

Bethany Joy and James Lafferty the star couple of One Tree Hill had a reunion, and it just brought back all the feelings of why One Tree Hill was and still till this day one of the best series that ever aired. One of the main reasons for its popularity is the love story between two of the main characters Nathan and Haley aka Naley. If you want to know the reasons, head down and check our 6 reasons that made Nathan and Haley the OTP couple of many generations.

1. The Bracelet

Oh where it all began! In this scene, Nathan and Haley start their tutoring session which will, later on, result in their epic love story. In an epic considered scene, Nathan opens a box of crackers to find inside it a colorful bracelet which he gives to Haley saying “Don’t ever say I never gave you anything”. Nathan later on in the finale reprise the scene by giving Haley a diamond colorful bracelet, saying that she’s the one who gave him everything he ever dreamed off in his life.

2. Nathan’s Character Development

No one can argue that Nathan Scott is considered the prince charming to every girl out there, with his love for his wife, his cuteness and support, but Nathan wasn’t always the dreamy guy of every girl dream. Nathan was considered the jackass jock of high school who acted like a jerk towards anyone out of his clique, that however changed the moment he met Haley James, and all viewers watched as Nathan changed himself to someone who deserved Haley’s love

3. Running into School Shooting

One of the most heart-wrenching episodes in One Tree Hill episodes was Season 3 Episode 16 when Jimmy Edwards opened fired in the school, resulting in the school being evacuated. However, that didn’t stop Nathan from running into campus without hesitation when he realized that Haley was trapped inside.

4. The Second Proposal

Another reason why Nathan is goals when it comes to boyfriend/husband material, after enduring the school shooting and its destructive aftermath, Nathan wanted nothing more than to make sure that his love for his wife is celebrated. And what better way than renewing wedding vows, in one of the most comical episodes Nathan keeps trying to steal his wife’s wedding ring in order to propose to her AGAIN.

5. Haley’s Depression

Nothing tests the strength of any relationship than going through struggles and hardship, and that’s exactly what Nathan and Haley had to go through when Haley suffered from extreme depression after losing her mother to cancer. But good thing she had Nathan by her side, and with him being the supportive husband he is and not giving up on her, Haley was able to beat her battle with depression

6. The Finale Dance/Kiss

One of the couple’s signature scenes will always be their kiss/love scene under the rain, and with the final season ending the producers delivered with couple’s final episode. Having them dance under the rain and passionately kiss while the song Belief is sung in the background by Gavin DeGraw.

So there you got it, folks, if there’s any other scene that you consider a favorite please leave it in the comment section.