Dating your bestfriend: A stairway to heaven or a highway to hell?

Were you ever hanging out somewhere with your best friend or having a deep heart to heart conversation with them, and you felt like you’re really connecting to the point where you started wondering how great things would’ve been if you were more than just friends?

We’ve all grown up surrounded by a movie industry that keeps trying to reinforce the idea that dating your best friend is all rainbows and butterflies; nearly neglecting the challenges that comes along the way during the transition phase or even throughout the relationship itself.

Although, there are undoubtedly many people who find the idea appealing and would totally risk it to see the possible perks that awaits them on the other side.

The stairway to heaven

1-No one can understand you as much as your best friend does.

There was a reason why you became bestfriends in the first place, before the introduction of any platonic-romantic transitions. You know each other’s likes and dislikes. You don’t just know about each other’s dark side but you’ve also been through it together and cherished sharing every part of the journey.

2-You’ve already set the rules a long while ago.

Another advantage is that you get to skip the awkwardness of having to figure out what your ground rules are or how you should communicate together. A friendship is always the strongest foundation any relationship could ever start with; your common grounds are many and you’ve got your way with settling down minor differences.

3- You’ll feel free to be completely yourself.

Your bestfriend is the most person who have seen it all and still stayed around. Therefore, no awkwardness, no unnecessary self-explanation or any pressure of having to act in a certain way to try to impress your partner.

4- Your friends already love him

Not that it’d effect your opinion in anyway but feeling like you’ve got your squad’s blessing can feel good sometimes. You wouldn’t need to go through the same hassle of getting your other bestfriends’ seal of approval.

5-Wave goodbye to unexplainable jealousy.

Now that you’re officially together, you don’t have to throw the blame of being jealous on friendship jealousy anymore. You can express your feelings of jealousy and it’d be pretty normal.


The Highway to hell

However, unlike how it’s portrayed in most chick flicks; every relationship has its own challenges and hardships that are worth taking into consideration, while taking that leap out of the friendzone; because you just might not be able to go back in there.

1-Confusion of familiarity with love

Too often, people can rush into relationships at the slightest pint of belonging they may feel towards someone, let alone, their closest bestfriend. It is likely that you might get too consumed by the idea of how comfortable you’re around someone to actually realize that it’s not really love that you’re experiencing.

2- It’s a risk you can’t easily make up for.

Once that bullet of feeling has come out, it’s almost impossible to go back to being completely platonic friends again. You can try to savor the friendship and it might work, but there will always be traces of feelings or at least awkwardness between you both; that won’t easily go away.

3-Who would you go to for relationship advices now?

As you get together with your bestfriend, comes up the challenging question; who fills up their role as your bestfriend now and who should you discuss your relationship with?

4-The pressure of making things work.

Knowing that you’ve had to risk something as important as your friendship to make your relationship happen puts you both under too much pressure to make things work out even if they naturally aren’t.

5-Friendships and relationships are not the same.

We can say all the things about how we can be compatible with someone but it’s never really verified until we’ve gotten with them. Things can be really different on the other side.

Just like any other relationship, you get to face challenges and obstacles along the journey. However, being with someone you know things might work out with, whether a bestfriend or not, is totally worth every bit of risk there is to take. Although when it comes to relationships, the only rule is that there are no specific rules; you define your own needs, you pick your own pace and you do what makes you happy.