Bonds We Witnessed In Naruto: Part 1

There is no doubt that Naruto has taught us a lot about important things in life. Yet bonds was the most important lesson we’ve learned; friendship, romantic, and master-student bonds.

The anime mainly focuses on Naruto and Sasuke’s friendship bond. A lot of people, unlike myself, admire the bond between Sasuke and Naruto. How Naruto never gives up on Sasuke, even though he’s lost his path in life because of his hatred, and how Naruto keeps pushing forward while always saying that he’s going to save Sasuke have always been the reasons people admire their friendship so much.


You strive to find someone that will never give up on you on your bad days. And just like Naruto saw Sasuke as his brother, he kept moving forward for him while keeping the promise he made for Sakura even if it took him his lifetime. Who wouldn’t want someone as their friend who keeps their promise their entire life?


I personally hate the way Sasuke treated Naruto, but I do stand behind Naruto and support his thinking. Back in time, Jiraiya had the same situation with Orochimaru and gave up on him making Orochimaru the first villain we’ve witnessed in Naruto. I would honestly try my best to be a friend like how Naruto was to Sasuke than how Jiraiya was to Orochimaru.

Naruto’s determinant spirit and bond to his friend had also an effect on other characters. His spirit stirred some things inside of those who’ve met him. Sai being one of those people. Sai was the numbest character out there and he started growing some “feelings” and meaning for friendships as he remembered the only bond he ever had.


Off to my favorite master-student bond; Rock Lee and Might Guy. The duo are the most impressive master and student that exist in Naruto. Might Guy shows the care and concern he has for his student. And how Guy pushes Lee to perform better when he feels down the most.


Rock Lee started out as knowing that he cannot perform any ninjutsu but he aspired to be a shinobi. When he was very doubtful of his dream, Guy assured him that as long as he does his best then he can be whatever he dreams to be.

Guy is the master we all dream of having one day. He really shows the care he has for his student, Lee, without hesitation as he saw himself in Lee. Guy is not just a master but he’s also more than a father. He encourages, teaches, and shares the pain just as well.


The number of bonds we witnessed in Naruto are magnificent and truly inspiring. No matter how we write about them, we will never do them justice but we will try our best to do that. So stay tuned for part 2.




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A fighter. Just like my favourite top 3; Sakata Gintoki, Uzumaki Naruto, and Midoriya Izuku, I never give up. I learned from All Might that I must go beyond to become great. Midoriya taught me that I must work as twice as hard as everyone else to achieve what I always longed for. Gintoki showed me that even if I went through hard times that I'm still a strong fighter that turns into beast mode whenever needed. Naruto inspired me that even if everyone told me that I wasn't good enough for my dream then I should never give up and do better than my best to achieve it.. So I will. I will go beyond.