Candi Staton: ‘Young Hearts Run Free’ singer diagnosed with breast cancer

Soul singer Candi Staton has been diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 78. The singer, who is famous for her hit “Young Hearts Run Free” and “You Got The Love”, received the news on the first day of rehearsals for her tour this summer, October 30th, 2018.

“I‘ve been diagnosed with breast cancer,” she wrote. Staton cited cancer alongside other personal obstacles she has endured “After all I’ve gone through in my life – the domestic abuse, the bad relationships, alcoholism, fighting with record labels for royalties and all of that stuff – it’s the last thing I ever expected to go through, but I’m going through it and I plan to beat it.”

In a statement, Staton said: “I decided to keep it to myself and do some soul searching.”

“I went through all of the emotions: denial, ‘poor me’ and anger. It really helped me to be on the road, doing something I love to do, and was born to do.”

Her 1976 hit Young Hearts Run Free concerned her marriage to her then manager, Jimmy James. “When I realised what he was truly like, he started to say, ‘If you leave me I’ll kill you and I’ll kill your children. I’ll pick ’em off one by one, I’ll get them from school and I’ll put ’em in the car and you’ll never see ’em again,’” she told the Guardian in 2006. “So it just felt safer to stay.”


Staton launched her solo career in 1970 and released her 30th studio album Unstoppable in 2018. She also says what happened made her want to encourage women of all ages to get tested for cancer.