Irish Singer Sinead O’Conner converts to Islam


The ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ singer Sinead O’Conner announced on Twitter last week that she has officially converted to Islam, changing her name (for the second time) into Shuhada’ Davitt. The name means Martyrs in Arabic.

The singer also shared her part of the journey with her new faith and trying on her new hijab saying she is “.. very, very, very happy….”

The Irish singer also posted a video of her first attempt to “sing” Azan, apologizing for any wrong pronunciation and explaining how emotional it is for her.

This is not the first time for the singer to change her name. In 2017, she had opted to changer her name into ‘Magda Davitt’ because she wanted to free herself from “patriarchal slave names” and of the “parental curses”.

Sinéad O'Connor in her infamous Nothing Compares 2U video.
Sinéad O’Connor in her infamous Nothing Compares 2 U video.

Her new-found bliss is quite the wonderful news for all her followers and fans who were concerned with her mental-health. Only last year, Davitt posted a Facebook video confessing suicidal thoughts.
“I am one of millions … people who suffer from mental illness are the most vulnerable people on earth, we can’t take care of ourselves, you’ve got to take care of us,”

On Thursday, the singer officially said her Shahada and was posted on Twitter and we can’t help but be ecstatic for her!

She also tweeted out thanking everyone for their love and support and stating how much she appreciates it.

I personally wish Shuhada’ all the love and light and may this be a new beginning for a peaceful life.