Hair Hacks To Save Time When You Have None.

Have you ever skipped a workout because your hair took so long to look so perfect? Did the weather prove to be a hassle and ruined your meticulously styled hair? Were out all day and your hair just gave up on you? Even worse, do you have to leave right now and your hair is a mess?

Fear not; there are miraculously simple hair hacks to save your time and look awesome for the long day ahead.

  • If it’s that time for your workout: 
    A round up of the best workout headbands! From

    Two simple hacks for a presentable hair: Choose the right hairband, and use sweat-absorbing headbands. Ridiculously simple, but crucial. If your hairband is loose, say goodbye to decent hair!
  • If all you have is ten minutes:
    Blow-drying tips
    You’re frantically looking at your blow dryer and the clock; you can’t possibly blow-dry your hair in less than ten minutes, right? Actually, you can. It all depends on how you use it. Don’t use your blow dryer if your hair is sopping wet. Instead, make sure your hair is only slightly moist before styling it. All you need is a hair that’s at least %90 dry, and then work through it with a brush afterwards.
  • If all you have is five minutes:

    You have two options—Dry Shampoo, or a magical Mini-Wash. A mini-wash is basically shampooing your hair roots only. It’s great for non-grease roots and will be easier to dry since the rest of your hair is mostly dry. Simply Put a shower cap around your strands, fasten it well, and expose your roots to the shampoo and water.
  • If it’s just not your day:

    You don’t have time at all, and you can’t do anything about it. The simple hack that will save your falling grace is tying your hair in a bun. Too easy, right! If your hair is acting up, you have no idea or time to fix it…curl it in a bun, put on a headband for frizzy strands, and look the best you can—under the circumstances.
  • If your hair just HAS to look good today:
    11 Overnight Hairstyles
    Style it the night before. It may not seem very practical, but all you’ll have do in the morning is touch-ups.