2019 Television: 6 Series Returning Back.

We all, for a reason or two, get attached to TV shows and relate to fictional characters on a level that makes them somehow a part of our personalities. The TV industry had shown great potential throughout the past years in engaging us to their shows, in addition to, leaving us that feeling of void after our favorite show stops.

Here are some of the most popular shows that are returning and being revived in 2019 and will be brought back to the TV screens soon.

1. Game Of Thrones.f7d13c8d-6d58-4544-9418-c96d5e167c6c

The amazing American fantasy drama series created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss is returning with HBO in 2019 with an Eighth and final season.

The concluding season is expected to premiere during the first half of 2019 with six episodes in hand. It is known that filming had already ended in July 2018.

2. Mr. Robot.c6762827-5151-4529-b801-86f9bd4fefa7

The American Drama thriller starring Rami Malek is set to come back with a final fourth season consisting of 12 episodes.

The show caught attention due to its technical accuracy praised by cyber security firms such as Avast, Kaspersky and Avira.

It’s expected to air in the first half of 2019.

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine.eb29a7c8-f295-4e22-a01b-4aecd3626243

Having started airing in 2013 and later on cancelled by Fox. The American cop comedy series was picked up by NBC and got renewed.

We’re waiting for a sixth season underway with Jake Peralta and his friends, expected to premiere in Jan, 2019.

4. The 100.aa50f907-cfac-40a5-a8ad-aa46738d240c

The 100 has been renewed for a sixth season at The CW who made the announcement back at the start of the summer.

There is not yet a concrete release date, but we expect it to premiere in Spring 2019.

5. 13 Reasons Why.adc85464-946a-45de-8ada-633ea5a5916f

After causing so much sensation after its first and second releases, 13 Reasons Why is back through Netflix for a third season, expected in June and not any later than July 2019.

6. Black Mirror.a0096a4b-8c16-42ac-a1ec-45d013705760

Netflix announced renewing the anthology series for a fifth season coming out in early 2019, unless Brooker decides to do one-off Christmas episode like season four (White Christmas)