Teatro Club, Because Good Theatre Still Exists

The theatre might not be the most successful field in Egypt nowadays. Whenever someone mentions Egyptian plays, everyone immediately starts to remember old plays, and the only exception to that is “Masarh Masr”. That however, doesn’t mean that the Egyptian theatre doesn’t have its own hidden gems that await discovery and emerging.

“Teatro Club” is a theatre club that was founded earlier this year by the two friends, Ahmed Samir and Adham Rabee’, who have both been theatre actors for about 10 years. The two friends decided they wanted to start a project that sends a message to the people: “if you love theatre, you’ll be able to make art despite all circumstances”. They started doing the real work in June by recruiting actors, and most of them had no experience whatsoever with being on stage.

After a lot of time they spend teaching the new recruits how to act, and after a lot of effort and money, the team was finally able to come up with their first play “Meselhy La Yashkor Alzoroof”.


The play is a political satire and it talks about “Meselhy” who is a simple farmer who gets arrested due to a problem that happens to the crops. During the play you start to see the different opinions from the different kinds of people regarding Meselhy and his issue, and later on the play starts emphasizing the idea of who ruined the crops and made them corrupt in the first place.

The team held their first show ever in “Romance” theatre Downtown, and although you’d never expect a lot of people to attend an unknown play made by a team of unknown actors who are performing for the first time, all 450 chairs of the theatre were full. The play was a huge success and had a large amount of positive feedback from the audience.

After the success of their first play, the team is expected to hold more new plays in the future. Al Amal is always working and is always recruiting, so the doors are always open to anyone who wants to be a part of the theatre, even if they have no previous experience or natural talents.

If you’re a fan of the stage and wish to watch a good play, or even participate in one yourself, follow Teatro Club  to make sure you catch their next performance!