Interview: Ahmed Dash Talks About His Career, Leading the Life of a Famous Celebrity and a College Student, Aspirations and Much More..

Ahmed Dash is one of the best fresh faces in the movie industry right now. This young talent has pursued his career really early; he started out doing ads with the legendary Mariam Abou Ouf, and later, he landed his first starring role with Amr Salama in one of the best movies, LaMo2akhza. As years passed, Dash started showing up more on our screens. He’s taken parts in some of the biggest movies and series in the last 5 years, including Clash, Sabe3 Gar and Photocopy. We’ve seen his talent grow and mature until he finally stole the lights with his killer performance as Fawaz in Tayea last Ramadan. We got the chance to meet Dash and go deeper with him as he talks about life, fame and aspirations…

Ahmed Dash as Hany Peter in LaMo2akhza

1- Though “LaMo2akhza” was a role you got by chance as you mentioned, were you willing to take acting as a one time thing?

No, I never really thought about that. I saw an opportunity and I took the role of the controversial character, Hany. After this movie, I decided to go with the flow and I was willing, and even excited, to take other chances. And well, here I am!

2- Does the idea of being young and one of the most famous people in the acting field scare you in a way?

Well, it doesn’t. I do not know why, and as you said, it might be because I’m young. But I guess the reason behind that is the fact that feeling scared or pressured by what you’re doing is something that comes in the future, when you feel that your work is affecting people in a way. You can get scared by seeing what you’re doing from an external point of view, not when you’re in the moment, living it; and right now I am in the moment.

3- After being that famous, both guys and girls at school definitely started behaving in a different manner. Tell us how much did your fame affect your friends.

I wouldn’t say that everyone changed, but some people did. There were obviously those girls who gave the “wow, you’re famous and you meet celebrities now” attitude, while the boys mostly became tougher for some reason.

Ahmed Dash as Fawaz in Tayea

4- You’re young and you have already secured yourself a good acting career, graduated from high school and joined university. What’s the one goal you still chase?

Well, I just want to be happy right now. I’m on a journey and all I want is to he happy during it.

5- Is there any specific person in the field that you want to act with?

I have been acting for 5 years only, and hence, I haven’t worked with so many of the legends in this industry. There are many individuals that I’d love to work with, not only one.

6- Tell us about your favorite series and your favorite character, Dash.
Breaking Bad is my favorite series, while my favorite character is definitely Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders!

Ahmed Dash giving an influential speech about his career in iSpark’s Traverse’18

7- Out of everything on TV, why did you pick these two specifically?
Peaky Blinders follows the life of a criminal, he’s the example of a person who goes through many hardships such as the war, that had an effect on him. The series focuses on his character 20 years after the war in France and how his actions are a result from his past circumstances. The same thing applies to Walter White in Breaking Bad, as he faces lots of difficulties in his life leading him to be a drug cook. I love these two characters from how real and human they are, and they obviously teach us to be more understanding of how circumstances can lead to such changes.

8- Other than acting, do you have any other hidden talents?

I love football! And lately a dancing tutor told me that I dance well, so I’m putting learning dancing in consideration, specially ballet.

9- Is there any series or movie you’d like to live in?
At the time being, there isn’t. However, if this happened with any series, I believe I wouldn’t want to be one character, I’d love to be in the shoes of each character as I explore their whole world!

Well, one thing, now we love Dash even more. You definitely do have a bright future ahead of you, Ahmed.