A Trip To Planet Nihon: everything you need to know.

Planet NIHON, or simply planet Japan, is a platform for everything you need to know about Japan.

Planet NIHON is mainly a YouTube Channel created by Megumi Yaso, a beautiful Egyptian lady, who started the channel after her passion drove her from studying Japanese at the Japan Foundation in Egypt to publishing informative and fun videos straight from Japan.

Edo period museum in Tokyo

‘I started by having a part time job as a writer at a famous Japanese website that shares info about Japan in different topics targeted to English speakers’, Meg-chan told me. ‘Then I started writing articles for the monthly magazine of the Japanese embassy of Egypt.’

Personally, I fell in love with Japan without visiting and I’ve been browsing for info about Japan. That’s when I came across Megumi’s YouTube channel that offers not only touristic information but also videos that show the culture, food, language, and of course info for all the Otakus out there.

Japanese wedding

‘A year later I decided to quit working at the website and start my own website about Japan, PlanetNIHON,’ Megumi said, ‘but I thought that there wasn’t enough “REAL” information about Japan in Arabic language so I decided to target Arabic speakers.’

You see, I’ve been following a lot of pages that post and publish information about Japan for Arabic speakers, but Planet NIHON proved to be a better platform to get those info. That’s not only because of the variety of content on the channel but the quality itself is surpassing, it is offered from a first-hand experience, in addition it’s fun and enjoyable.

The unique content and offering of info about Japan has contributed to the huge rise in numbers of followers and subscribers of the channel.

Osaka- dotonbori street

Just after the debut video of Planet NIHON’s Meg-chan, the struggles of living in Japan, the number of subscribers went from 100 to 1000 subscribers only in one day.

‘I was surprised and very grateful to this big change and that encouraged me to appear more in my videos.’ Meg-chan commented. ‘Six months later since I started I had 15000 followers and I am very grateful to everyone of them.’

Almost a year later from founding the channel, the number of subscribers jumped to over 147k. There’s no surprise at that number as the great content justifies why every subscriber is backing it up.

So what comes next to mind is how Meg-chan managed to provide such content and have that rise in subscribers.

‘I write the ideas, prepare them for shooting, decide the scenes or places of shooting, edit and upload my videos by myself.’, Megumi explained. ‘Sometimes however if the shooting is outside I might ask my husband to help me with holding the camera and sometimes I like to ask my husband’s thoughts for an idea I have in mind.’

‘I always have at least 4 video ideas filmed in advance. The weather in Japan is very unpredictable and unstable compared to Egypt and I can’t be sure that I can film at the time I want to.’, Megumi continued.

I personally like Meg-chan’s videos about the Japanese cuisine and her trips and experiences around Japan the most. I get to try and cook simple Japanese recipes while acknowledging the substitution and ingredients that can be made to produce a Halal Japanese meal as well as view her experiences of Halal restaurants in Japan that makes me want to visit them.

Megumi’s best quality is simplifying the content so it’s very easy to comprehend. This as well as providing variable content helps her engage with all types of viewers from different ages and interests rather than focus on one mainstream type of videos.

‘I try my best to keep the variety in my videos so for example, if I posted a cooking idea video I will make sure to post something totally different the next week maybe a trip to a place to keep all types of viewers entertained.’, Megumi explains.

Of course Meg-chan did not forget all the Arabic-speaking Otakus out there. She provides simple Japanese learning videos as well as relating things to Anime. This shows that learning can be simple and fun at the same time.

I had to ask for an advice about visiting Japan for the very first time. Meg-chan said, ‘Having a plan before visiting Japan would save you a lot of the hassle . Coming without expectations about the country -whether it being a perfect planet or the total opposite, not as perfect as everyone says about it- would make you enjoy Japan from your point of view.’

She has also developed scheduled plan for everyone out there that doesn’t know what to plan or where to start planning.

‘Having a great idea that makes you stand out is important but the quality of production is equally important these days.’, Megumi said about plans to grow the channel. ‘I am trying to study different editing methods and re-watch my videos to see my points of improvement so I can work on them in future videos which will hopefully leads to growing my channel.’

There’s no doubt that the channel is growing a lot with the love, passion, and hard work that Meg-chan is putting into her videos. It is indeed intriguing to keep up with and take the trip to Planet NIHON.


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