Midnight Voice Notes of a Bipolar Drug Addict: The Beginning

One strong and amazing ex drug addict struggling for survival without drugs helps show the world how it really feels away from the cinematography and stereotypes.

I loved the idea and have been listening to feelings and stories related to drugs through voice notes from our heroine for months now.

You might think this is the story of a devil, but it is not. This is the story of someone who looks, walks and talks just like you and I.

This is the story of a girl who dresses conservatively, prays occacionally, goes home around 10:30 with strict curfews, and is raised among a very decent family and circle of friends.

It’s the story of a girl that could be sitting next to you in class, a neighbor or even a bestfriend. Just like everyone surrounding us; she’s someone with troubles and hardships, she looked for a way out, an escapism, and she found hers. At the end of the day, we all do that. We look for something to disconnect us from the ugly reality, and we end up addicted to it. Some of us find that in a person, a movie, a comfort food, smoking, or a certain type of drugs.

This story could be happening closer to you than you can ever imagine so keep your eyes wide open and your heart quite loving for my heroine and all the heros you run into through life.

In every article I will be conveying the true feelings of a midnight voice note.

”you have no idea how hard it was; the amount of energy and effort I had to pay just to be okay”

Everytime you fall, you are instantly given two momentary options: you either get up or you lie on your back, shush the pain and enjoy the scenery.

Most of us will not have the luxury to do the latter.

Family will scream in anger, financial responsibilities will look at you like giant beasts; life will run in a pace too fast to be caught. That, exactly, is what drugs do.

They brush away all the voices and angry faces from your scene and let you lie down in peace. They never brush them away from reality though, just the scene.

Now you are lying on your back, seeing beautiful colors that do not exist, hearing heavinly music and enjoying the slow pace.

You think life awaits you.

The effect is gone.

It is angry faces and even louder voices now. Everyone seems to know exactly what they are doing and you are in a state of your own.

DISCONNECTED is the word.