7 Ways to boost your mood and mental health

Life can get real busy, especially in days like these when midterms are on their way and deadlines are creeping in on you. It’s days like these when you feel that 24 hours are so not enough to fit in all the stuff you need to do, that’s when we start freaking out and feel that your life is trembling down. And in the midst of it all we forget to sit back, take a break, and just breathe.
So, here are 7 easy ways that can help you relax and enhance your mood to get you through the rough days.

  1. Start Moving
    You may not have time to go to the gym and be committed but that doesn’t matter cause all you need to do is put on your sneakers, go out, and just take a 30 minutes night walk or better a jog.
  2. Get a dose of nature
    When the sun is shining take your work outside, it’s good to get a breath of fresh air, and a dose of vitamin D. Enjoy a green, natural view, you can never imagine how much this can make a difference in your overall mood.
  3. Get more sleep
    No matter how busy it gets always make sure you are getting enough amount of sleep, as even partial sleep deprivation can deeply affect your mood. To help you sleep easier try to eliminate all sources of blue light like laptops and mobiles screens before going to sleep.
  4. Ask others when you need help
    We all got stuck sometimes and feel so proud to ask for help, but you should reach out for friends or family to help you out with stuff that you can’t seem to figure out, people are around in our lives to make them easier. So don’t be too shy, and ask for help when needed.
  5. Improve your diet
    Eat healthy foods, leafy green vegetables, whole grains, seafood, and meat contain nutrients that are very important for optimum brain function.
  6. Be optimistic 
    According to psychologist Sophia Chou, people who have positive realistic attitudes towards life tend to be more happy and successful, so even when your days get rough as hell always know that it will pass and don’t let bad thoughts take a hold of you.
  7. Set realistic goals
    You need to be realistic and true to yourself, knowing your abilities is the key here. You have to understand that you can never do or get everything, so don’t beat yourself up, work hard, but never blame yourself for not achieving what others are.