12 Comic Accounts That Will Make Your Life A Little Bit Better

Does it ever happen that you’re just bored and checking your social media trying to find something that would improve your mood? While most of us just try to find some memes whenever we want a good laugh, very few people actually consider visiting the vast world of comics. We’ve gathered some of our favourite comic accounts on the internet for whenever you just need something to put a little bit of light inside your heart.



In Your Face Cake

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Bork – – – – #comic #inyourfacecake #funny #bork

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Yes, I’m Hot In This


One In Jamillion

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Hit me with your book recs!

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Sarah’s Scribbles


The Awkward Yeti


Vance Basilio


Pebble And Wren

Mr. Lovenstein


War And Peas


Loryn Brantz

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Happy international cat day! May you be chosen ✨

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Mika Hinson

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Next time you want some fun but don’t feel like seeing memes, remember that there are comics which express our everyday lives too!