Ganubi: A Fresh New Egyptian Brand That Symbolizes South Egypt

For two years, Nada ElHlfawy has been planning for starting her own brand that belongs to her culture, and we’re glad to announce that hers, Ganubi, is finally here.

Nada ElHlfway

The bright cheerful colors and the African look are the main characteristics that differentiate Ganubi. Each piece holds the spirit and atmosphere of Nuba. Though, ElHlfawy added that “Ganubi” doesn’t only symblizes South Egypt, but also Sudan and South Africa. She sees a great connection between those three areas in colors and the African touch. She decided to bring each place’s culture, patterns and motifs in wearable artwork to make whoever wearing it feel special.IMG_1149

As a graphic designer, ElHlfawy succeeded in working on her idea and bringing catchy designs to use in her products. Ganubi at the moment produce two creations; handmade clothes and printed backpacks. The designs all belong to Ganubi, even the printed backpacks are Ganubi’s original paintings.

Besides the online store, you can find Ganubi’s products in Azraq W Buny gallery and Meshkah Gallery in Cairo, and in Microbus Store in Alexandria.

In the end, ElHlfawy added that she would like to spread her brand’s idea all over Egypt and internationally, as she believes that this culture worth great attention.

Here’s to every artist who works hard to make the best out of our culture!