For Those Who Struggle to Open Up, Here’s Why You Should Do It More Often

As an Aries, I’m almost always too proud to ask for help. I would never let my guards down for any reason. At any given situation, when we’re all troubled and feeling down, I make it my own responsibility to fix everyone. I play the mother, taking care of everyone around me and neglecting my own mental health. But, that’s not only me. I’m no angel, neither am I special; a large number of people do so. We worry. We worry about each and every person we love. We run to help. We try to save everyone, we try to fix the world, and that’s not bad. The one bad thing we do is being too proud to let the world fix us at times.

Below here is how I convinced myself that letting my guards down is not a bad idea, I hope I can convince you as well.

1. As much as you might think it makes you feel weaker, it actually makes you stronger.

I get it. You’re a person with too much pride. To you, the idea of showing emotions to someone is nothing but weakness. You believe that it makes you vulnerable, but believe me, it doesn’t. Overcoming this idea, trusting someone with your darkest side, and actually opening up requires a lot of strength. However, it’s relieving.

2. Not everyone will be there, and that’s fine.

Some people will be there for you. They won’t leave your side until you overcome each and every hardship along the way. On the other hand, other people will choose to leave. At this point, you’ll know clearly who are the ones you should keep in your life. You’ll understand the difference between those who are meant to be forever and those who are only there when it’s all fun and games. And trust me, one good friend by your side is all you need.

3. Better ideas. Better solutions.

When you’re a mess, it’s very hard for you to think straight. You need someone to talk some sense into you. When you open up, people around you will start coming up with ideas that will somehow inspire you to find a way out of this mess. Sometimes, a simple reminder from someone that whatever you’re going through won’t last forever is comforting. Don’t deprive yourself from that.

4. A shoulder to lean on could be all you need.

I get it. You’re tough and you can handle your own shit. But when you’re at your worst, it’s always nice when you get a warm hug, a shoulder to lean on and a hand to hold. Someone who does nothing but remind you that there are beautiful things in the world. Someone who would take you to the cinema or a cozy breakfast and coffee outing. Be it a lover, bestfriend or a family member; you just need someone around.

5. You give yourself a break.

When things go wrong, that definitely affects your performance in everything in life. Whether it’s work or your relationship with other people. Somehow, being there for people is harder than ever because you’ve got enough shit to carry. When people are oblivious to your current situation, they’ll start questioning your changes and suddenly they’ll add to your existing problems. Do yourself a favor and explain everything already.

There’s no reason in this world that would make you face everything on your own.