8 Habits That Ruin Friendships

Friendships are one of the essential bonds in life. No one can spend their entire life alone. We unconsciously search our for those who will stand beside us and support us no matter what.

Just as we try to find the perfect life companion we must also make sure that we are good enough for that companionship. We gathered some habits that affect friendships negatively and probably ruin them entirely.

  1. Not Fulfilling Your Promises

Telling them that you’d do something for them while sounding genuine and then turning your back the moment comes to fulfill that promise. Promises between friends are a solid definer of how strong your friendship is and going back on your word shows that you do not care about the bond you have.

  1. Interrupting Their Talk

One of the most basic things is that you need to respect whenever your friend is talking. It is truly rude to interrupt a stranger when they’re talking but it’s over rude to interrupt your friend as this shows that you underestimate what they have to say in any matter.

  1. Being Dishonest

Honesty is the best policy. Hiding things or lying about things in your friendship reveals that you do not trust your friend just as a stranger would do. Being dishonest breaks the strongest bonds thus it’s very important to be straight-forward with your friend.

  1. Expecting Too Much

We all know that it’s awfully exhausting when someone expects too much out of you. This is why you should feel for your friend and not having them put up too high where they cannot reach themselves. It’s okay to expect basic things like admiration and appreciation from your friend because otherwise it’d honestly be a one-sided friendship but expecting too much puts a lot of burden on your friend.


  1. Complaining The Entire Time

You should avoid being the negative pole all the time in your friendship. Opening up between friends is normal but there’s a huge difference between opening up and constantly complaining about everything all the time. Complaining a lot spills a whole lot of negative energy onto your friend and this gets your friend low in energy. It might push your friend to eventually avoid being your friend because they cannot handle dealing with you anymore.

  1. Shifting Every Conversation Back To Yourself

It is great to relate to how your friend feels and expressing this but it’s never okay to take your friend’s opening up to shift the attention back to yourself. Your friend might view this as a hunger for attention that never dies. This can actually kill your friendship because you’re using your friend to get the attention you need.

  1. Turning Only To Them When You Need Help

Being the friend that turns to their friends for when they only need their help is annoying. You are viewed as the friend who does not care about the bond that has you both tied together. No one wants to be known for only a relief place so you have to always be by your friend’s side when they need you. You ought to also be there when they or you are happy.

  1. Always Showing Up Late

Another rude thing to do is showing up late whenever you two hang out. Being late always shows that you do not care about whatever you’re going to do. Feeling that you are a friend that has a friend that does not care about them is quite harsh so you ought to not let someone else feel this way as well.


There’s no way to be a perfect friend, but we all try to be. We all should be the friend that we wish we had. Aiming to be a good friend and a better person.


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