Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship

Love can be very blinding as they say, it has a way of showing you that everything is healthy even when it’s bad for you. When you cancel your brain and just use your heart that’s when toxicity begins. Relationships constantly evolve from honeymoon phase to boredom phase to others, however, when they evolve into a toxic relationship that’s when you need to have a stance with yourself.

Toxic relationships are a result of being blinded by love. When you follow your heart profoundly while ignoring the signs that you should leave. Here are some signs that help you determine if you’re in a toxic relationship.

It’s always your fault

646B73DA-E9FA-4029-A5DF-1ABC4EB9E799Whatever your significant other says or does to you, it will be always your fault in any toxic relationship. No matter how wrong they might be, they always try to manipulate their way through you, to make you believe you’re the one who did them wrong and the blame will be always on you.

They’ve used violence 


If your significant other found an excuse to hit you or use any aggression with you then you’re definitely in a toxic relationship. There’s no rational behind a person using violence against any other person, no matter what the issue was.

You’re constantly being criticized  


It’s insidious what a toxic relationship can do for your self-confidence, as you’re constantly being criticized for what you do and say. You always are under the radar and judged for everything you do, until you put way too much pressure on yourself till you breakdown.

Your parents are against the relationship

9FFF3881-3489-4E27-92CF-DEC4B05D4D9CYour family always has a wise opinion in any relationship you have, they have a bird-eye view on your life and they can easily spot toxicity. If they tried to warn you from your significant other and you keep ignoring them, it’s time for you to pay attention to the signs.

Negativity always surrounds you


If you’re always feeling uncomfortable, tense and that everything you do is a burden that should be paid for your significant other then you’re in a toxic relationship. Negativity in any relationship can drain you mentally, physically and emotionally which is not a normal state to be in.

No matter what you’re going through, you should always know that you have the audacity to control your life and walk away from anything that might cause your emotions to be abused. If you’re in a toxic relationship the sooner you walk away the better you’ll be later on in life.