Mohamed ElShorbagy and Nour El Sherbiny take further steps to US open

Mohamed ElShorbagy and Nour El Sherbiny qualify for the quarterfinals of the US open.

El Shorbagy overcame the indian Suarav Ghozal in a game the Egyptian dominated from the first set as he won the first set 11-5, the second set was mh tougher for both contenders 16-14 , and the last set 11-9. Following the victory, El shorbagy is set to play with Abou Ghafar tonight 10th of October.

Nour El Sherbiny on the other hand easily achieved her victory over Alison Waters . In the first set, she won 11-6 and the other two sets had the same result 11-8. El Sherbini will face another Egyptian 22 Yathreb Adel.

Raneem El Welily is also a contender in the quarterfinals as she is set to play the english Lauro Massaro and the Egyptian Sarah Jane perry will meet up against Tesni Evand from Wales on the 11th of October.

Moreover is Ali Farag will play against the French Gregory Gaultier on the same day as Welily.

May they aways make us proud!