How to take your brows game to the next level

Once I hear the word “brows”, the picture of Cara Delevigne with her bold brows instantly comes to my mind. It is crazy how much a nicely shaped brows can do to your face!

Especially if you are one of those people who don’t wear makeup on a daily basis, having them in the best shape can do so much to frame your face. Here is your guide to growing your brows and taking care of them the right way.

1- It starts from within

You should know that the main factor of having luscious brows is genes. But having a healthy diet, maintaining a stress free mentality and balanced hormones do affect them as much as they do affect your hair. Once you check this list, you will notice a great difference in your hair, brows and skin.

2- Oiling

Using castor oil is the most popular tip for growing your brows back and the reason is that it does work!

You can put some in an old mascara that is well cleansed or even in a small jar and combing your brows before bed using the oil. Once you wake up wash your face as usual to remove any excess. This is the most effective way to moisturize them too because of the antioxidants and fatty acids in it. Make sure you do a patch test though before digging in this method. You can substitute this by using brows’ serums found in pharmacies but they are not easily found in Egypt.

3- Play the waiting game

It may take more than a month to fully grow back your brows after misshaping them once. Avoid plucking them -even if you eagerly want to- and your future self will thank you later!

Once they are fully grown, you can easily pluck those hairs that are located away from the main shape.

4- Be mindful

Sometimes using harsh cleansers and heavy makeup on your brows can slow down their growth as you are clogging your pores or drying the hairs out. Always learn how to read the ingredients to make sure that they don’t have stripping alcohols.

5- Less is more

When it comes to makeup for brows, less is more. Start by combing them upwards using a spoolie which doesn’t only help them to appear in a better shape but, it also helps to stimulate the blood circulation which results into better growth. Try using a shade that is the closest to your brow hairs to fill in the sparse areas or using a tinted brow gel that help them to appear thicker and much fuller than they really are for a more natural look.

Finally, remember that there are no specific standards for having a beautiful face. We are all beautiful in our own ways whether we have thick brows or none at all!