Reem Ashraf Broke The World Record For The Longest Open Saltwater Dive

The 14-year-old Egyptian diver, Reem Ashraf made it into the Guinness World Record after she achieved the world’s longest dive inside Gulf of Aqaba’s waters in Sharm El-Sheikh.

Reem managed to stay under water for 56 hours and 25 minutes surpassing the Australian diver, Cristi Quill who manged to stay under water for 51 hours and 25 minutes back in 2015.

Reem Asharf has been challenging herself for the past 2 years to achieve her goal of being the first junior diver in history to set a new world record for the longest dive in saltwater. She stated that it was her father  who inspired her to learn diving as he’s an officer in the navy forces. She’s been training for the last 2 years on how to stay underwater for the longest time possible depending only on liquids for ingestion and she’s also been trained on how to sleep under water.

In the next few of days, a press conference will be held to discuss the details of breaking the previous world record.