A Cinema Like No Other: 6 Bollywood Movies That Shed Light On Heavy Topics

The Indian movie industry is considered one of the largest industries in the world, going on to produce thousands of movies every year. These movies vary from RomCom to Drama, and Musical, but every once and a while Bollywood producers step outside the box and produce movies that are absolutely heart-wrenching. So here are 6 Bollywood movies that tackled important and heavy topics.

1. Mardaani

Tackling one of the most growing problems in India, Mardaani follows the investigation of a female detective who is trying to bring down a sex-trafficking ring in India that abducts little girls. It sheds light on the issue of human trafficking, more specifically girl trafficking in India and how it’s considered one of the largest sex-trafficking rings in the world. Highlighting that every 8 minutes a child goes missing in India.

2. Pink

A movie with a huge message concerning women right, and how their voices are heard in today’s society. In an era where women and girls are judged by the way they dress, act, and live their lives, Pink follows the story three young independent women who find themselves facing serious charges when an encounter with a group men turns destructive.

3. Provoked: A True Story

The true story of a Kiranjit Ahluwalia, an Indian woman who leaves her home to marry a London-based guy, only there to be subjected to the worst kind of abuse and sexual assault on the hand of her husband. After years of taking the abuse Kiranjit takes the matter into her own hands and murders her husband, but it’s after being sentenced to prison, that she finally finds the freedom she has been dreaming of, and the strength to speak up.

4. Queen

When her fiancé calls off their engagement a day before their wedding, a traditional Delhi girl decides to go on their planned honeymoon to Europe alone! There she embarks on a self-discovering journey, and meets a couple of individuals along the way that will help her re-take her life, and think of past decisions she took that led her where she is now.

5. Taare Zameen Par

Discussing the sensitive topic of Dyslexia, the movie tells the story of an 8 years old boy named Ishaan who is thought to be a lazy and a troublemaker, which gets him sent to a boarding school. There he fails to keep up with school work which furthermore destroys his spirit. Until the new art teacher arrives and with his imagery compassion, and patience is able to break down the walls that Ishaan has built around him, and makes him see the world through a new pair of eyes.

6. Table No. 21

A movie that is an eye-opener to the crime of harassment and bullying and it’s destructive after effects! A married couple wins the trip of their dreams for their wedding anniversary to Fiji, where there they’re offered a huge amount of money in exchange for participating in a game show. But their dream destination turn their worst nightmare when their darkest secrets come to life, and past mistakes come back to haunt them