Netflix: An Interactive Episode of Black Mirror’s Upcoming Fifth Season.

When it comes to chattering about modern society, the alternative present or near future and unexpected consequences of new technologies conquering our brains, Black Mirror is the favorite to lead this genre.

The British sci-fi anthology TV show created by Charlie Brooker will release a fifth series through Netflix, expected before the end of this year.



The show reportedly always had a fourth quarter release since Netflix purchased the show in 2015, as both the third and fourth seasons each had 6 episodes and came out in 21st October 2016 and 29th of December 2017 respectively.

According to Bloomberg L.P and Charlie Brooker, the fifth series of the show will have an interactive episode in which each fan will choose what action the protagonist should take next. We’re very thrilled, excited and cannot wait till it’s officially released.

Black Mirror drew lots of attention throughout the last 4 years, by being a show that almost depicts how our very near future will exactly look like in account of the technological upheaval of this generation.