5 Tips on How to Get Over Bullying

Bullying has got to be one of the worst experiences anybody could ever go through. The feeling of being a fish out of water and not being good enough to fit into your community is rough and it takes a long time to heal. Even after years of such a bad experience, some memories don’t fade and it takes a lot of effort to go through it. It may result into a low self esteem or even depression if you didn’t deal with the situation the right way. Here is some tips that may help out.

1- Face the reality

Sometimes we try to deny the situation as if it never happened in order to get over it. But you should know that things don’t always work out this way. Sometimes you have to face it no matter how much it hurts. You should know that it was never your fault and no one deserves to feel bad because of something out of their control.

2- Do what it takes to heal


Allow yourself to express your feelings whatever they are. Sometimes talking things out and hearing others’ opinions especially our loved ones can help us go through a long way. Your mental health will forever be a priority and regaining your self confidence can take more time than you think.

3- Having a support system

You may think of isolating yourself to avoid similar situations but this may actually result into more issues. We always seek support and assurance from our family and friends and you should allow those who love you to help you out of tough moments. You may find out that you are not alone and others have been through similar situations, try to listen to their experiences and learn how they managed to lead a better life.

4- Build a better future


My life motto is to work until I have a life I am proud of. Whatever this sentence makes you think of, you have to work on it now!

Achieving your goals in your career can help you loads and will help you to reach more stability in your life. It may also help you to be around people who have the same goals and similar mentality to what you have.

5- You are not alone

Actually what made me think of writing this, is the huge amount of cyber bullying all over the world. It is much easier to write out hateful comments to others when you don’t see instantly the pain you caused on their face. It is easier to send out negative vibes because of a dress you hate that a celebrity is wearing or shaming someone because they have gained weight. People -unfortunately- keep bullying each other and get bullied back all the time. It’s like a never ending circle of hate and negativity. Being a better person is a lifelong experience and you should never let anyone interrupt it and if this ever happens, know that you are capable of going on.