Kheidr vs Boushra and Mansi: Here’s Everything We Know About The Whole GFF Drama.

Last week we witnessed El Gouna Film Festival, one of the biggest and most remarkable events happening in Egypt this year. The festival was a huge success both this year during its second edition and in its first edition last year, and everything went according to plan… or did it? If you were following the festival news from the beginning, then you’ve definitely heard the name of Mohamed Kheidr, who revealed the dark truth behind the scenes of El Gouna Film Festival.

If you don’t know who Mohamed Kheidr is, he is a director and the mind behind El Gouna Film Festival. Yes, that’s right. In a surprising video posted on his Facebook account, he reveals the truth behind his idea getting robbed by Bushra, Amr Mansi and Kamel Zadeh claiming it was their idea, after outcasting him from the partnership without his knowledge.

Summing up the 22 minutes video, Kheidr starts telling his story and friendship with Bushra when they were still partners, running an advertising agency. Having had the idea of El Gouna Film Festival for over 6 years, he asks Bushra to connect him to the famous businessman Naguib Sawiris, since he’s a big supporter to businesses run by the youth. Bushra, after knowing what Kheidr was up to, connects him to Naguib Sawiris. Adding Kamal Zadeh and Amr Mansi along with Bushra, they all agree to make Kheidr a silent partner with obtaining only 10% of the profits of the festival, and then they decided to outcast him from the partnership without his knowledge, with the excuse that Amr Mansi just doesn’t want to work with him.

The video went viral on social media, both on Facebook and on Twitter, with people making memes about Bushra for what has been revealed along with the other two partners, while Kheidr gained endless support for being able to speak up.

Kheidr’s Facebook account is actually filled with evidence of the fraud, including documents and pictures taken during testing the screens and the dimensions of the red carpet at El Gouna before the festival took place almost 7-8 months before it.

Since many people are supporting Kheidr, which can be proved by the creation of the hashtag #ادعم_خضر, they all mentioned Naguib Sawiris on twitter to stand for what is right. Shockingly, Sawiris’ reaction wasn’t what everyone expected. He asked that “if he (Kheidr) was right in the first place, why didn’t he win the case the first time?”, ending up with being attacked by many twitter users.

Actor Ahmed El Saadany is one of the biggest supporters of Kheidr’s case, which can be seen in his tweet mentioning Naguib Sawiris to take an action.

Kheidr’s case is going viral day by day, since the case caught the attention of everyone because of how unexpected it is. It’s currently the one of the most talked about topics among people, specially the youth.

We are curious about what is going to happen next. In the mean time, all we have to do is sit and wait for days to clear things up.