Amr Diab Unveils the Tracklist of His Latest Album ‘Kol Hayaty’

After more than 2 months of commercial publicity, Amr Diab has finally unveiled the tracklist of his new hit album Kol Hayaty. Via a Facebook post, the consummate Egyptian singer has officially announced that his latest album will consist of 13 hits, including his duet song with the renowned DJ & producer Marshmallow. However, Amr Diab has already released 6 of the album’s titles on his own YouTube channel on the course of the past 2 months, which means that we will be anticipating 7 new songs to indulge ourselves with once the album is publicly released.

Here’s the complete tracklist of Kol Hayaty:

On a similar note, Vodafone has been granting its users exclusive access to the tunes of the whole album since yesterday, being the project’s main sponsor as a part of their plan of promoting the album, but the next couple of days are expected to mark the wide release of the album on all musical platforms as well as on YouTube. So stay tuned!