Egypt Achieves Self Sufficiency And Stops Importing Liquefied Gas

The last shipment of liquefied gas has arrived to Egypt last week, stated Petroleum Minister Tarek Al-Mulla on September 29th, 2018.

Reports claim that Egypt has finally achieved self sufficiency and will no longer need to import liquefied gas, he added.

Charts showed the production of Zohr gas field increased six times since last January, Mulla stated. The field’s daily production has increased from 350 million cubic feet to 2 billion cubic feet, raising Egypt’s overall daily gas production to 6 billion cubic feet.

Zohr gas field was discovered in 2015 by the Italian energy company Eni. It is the biggest gas field found in the Mediterranean, almost twice the size of the thereabout fields.

The discovery of Zohr and achieving self sufficiency secure gas supply to all consuming sectors across Egypt, Mulla added.