The Ultimate Fan Quiz: How Well Do You Know Amr Diab?

Do you really think you know El-Hadaba? Let’s see!


In which year did Amr Diab release his hit album ‘Mayal’?

1. 1985
2. 1990
3. 1988

Which album has first granted Amr Diab his first World Music Award?

1. Amarein
2. Awedooni
3. Noor Al-Ain

Which album did this artwork belong to?

1. Allem Alby
2. Tamally Ma3ak
3. Kammel Kalamak

Who was the Arab singer who did a duet with El-Hadaba in his album ‘Amarain’?

1. Ragheb Alama
2. Cheb Mami
3. Cheb Khaled

Who was the female star who has appeared in the music video of ‘Rag3een’?

1. Ghada Adel
2. Mona Zaki
3. Sherine Reda

Where was Amr Diab born and raised?

1. Cairo
2. Alexandria
3. Port Said

Amr Diab’s first album ever was called...

1. Khalseen
2. Ghany Men Albak
3. Ya Taree2

How many kids does Amr Diab have?

1. 4
2. 2
3. 3

In which film did Amr Diab sing ‘Raseef Nemra 5’?

1. Ice Cream fe Gleem
2. Dehk w Le3b w Gad w 7ob
3. El-3afareet

What was the TV show about Amr Diab’s life called?

1. El-Rehla
2. El-Helm
3. El-Taree2

All 10 questions completed!

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Do you really think you know El-Hadaba? Let’s see!

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