The Way Pepsi and Humans of New York Helped These Kids Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Recently, Humans of New York team have been to Egypt and they interviewed tons of Egyptians about their own personal stories. Some of the stories were tragica, some others were funny. But, there were two kids who went viral on Facebook when people heard their story.

The two kids basically said they helped people into their parking spots when they met Humans of New York team. They both worked during the summertime to raise money for the upcoming school fees. They’ve as well expressed their eagerness to buy a bicycle because their peers used to tease them about not having bicycles, so they dedicated their time into work to save some cash.

They went further to express how hard it was to save sometimes with having a lot of temptations of buying “But sometimes we buy Pepsi. And also peanuts. And yesterday a street vendor came by with jewelry, and my brother bought me this necklace. And he also bought me a watch but it broke. And a ring but I lost it. He really loves me so much.”

Pepsi later saw their story going viral on Facebook and decided to surprise them and surprise everyone. They published a Facebook post of them on two bicycles and ready for the first day of school.

The influence of social media has proven its strong and powerfulness impact again.  We’re so thrilled that Pepsi has helped these two kids and drew the smile on their faces for the new school year.