Heartwarming messages of long distance friends

” I’ll be there for you” .. the oldest oath friends take on themselves. To be there, to listen and face troubles alongside their peers. Yet, we grow up and out dreams start to shape us our ways in life. Things change .. from hanging out with our besties every weekend to arranging Skype calls. From staying over at each other’s places to packing their packs for tomorrow’s flight. Yes, our friends left the country to study or work abroad. Distance has set a place for itself in the path we choose to walk together. And now we’re long-distance friends.

I asked people to pour their hearts out and write messages for their far-away friends and the response was heartwarming. Here are some of these messages:

“She’s been away from two months because of work. I miss everything about her; her silly jokes, her loud voice, her voice saying “ana t5nt awy” followed by “yala nakol crepe”. She is my home ” – Mary

” As much as I hate not having them around, seeing them succeed makes it all worth the pain. This goes to Ahmed, Mayada, and Youssef, I’m always proud of you and your achievements. I hate that I don’t get to see you every day like I used to, but one way or another, you manage to always be here for me whenever I need it! I count the days until you come back” – Ayah A

” I miss how I used to laugh at him and him laughing at me doing it. ” – Eslam

” She will probably never see this but we met back in high school. A year after that, she moved away to another city. We’re still in touch but it’s not easy to see each other as we used too. Last time we met was five years ago. I plan to travel and go pay her a visit.
I wanted to tell her that I love her and I’m thankful for having her in my life. She has been with me through the toughest days of my life. She’s still my safe place, my advisor despite the long distance separating us ”  – Doaa

” She missed my graduation project discussion as she left on the same day. I still miss her so much. Yet, I am proud of her as she’s working on herself and pursuing her career. One day, we’ll meet again. ” – Noha

” After all this time? ..
Always. ” – Mahinour


” Regardless of the distance that kept us apart and the many fights we had because of it, We grew to be more than friends .. We grew to be a family. Just the two of us. And what kept us a strong family is we always knew our way back to each other. ” – Youmna Z.

“This is for three of my friends, not just one. 1- I miss your crazy nights and tight warm hugs. 2- we never got close until we were really far. It’s crazy.                                  3- one day we will meet. We will not believe it at the time that we’re actually meeting each other physically, but it’s gonna be one of the most significant moments in my life. ” –  W. W

” I miss you so much even though we couldn’t stay in touch for a long time. I have never forgotten what a good friend you were and how crazy we were together. I still wish you the best of everything. ” – Noha N.