10 Golden Tips To Help You With Your Weight Loss Journey

It’s Fall again which means that Winter is around the corner. Fall and Winter are the perfect opportunity for those who are going to get ready for next year’s Summer physically. There are 6 to 9 months (if you count in next year’s Spring) to shape up to your ideal body image. A good opportunity to change into a healthier lifestyle.

After encountering a lot of dieting tips, I’ve come to conclusion that some tips are really effective. So I have collected these tips for you to follow a healthy lifestyle and losing the weight you want off in a healthy manner.

  1. Change Your Mentality

The most important part of the journey is your mentality. You have to avoid thinking that following a healthy dieting lifestyle is a harsh reality in order for you to lose weight. I used to think this way too; that I have a lot of food to try and some that I do not want to stop eating despite them being unhealthy, but it’s actually quite the opposite of this. When following a healthy lifestyle you will find that you are not starved of enjoying “good” food but rather shifting this enjoyment to a new variety of food. In addition, you can still enjoy your junk food on your free meal day.

  1. Eat 5 Meals A Day

You read that right. In order to lose weight you have to eat 5 meals a day; breakfast, first snack, lunch, second snack, and dinner. It may seem odd to you but this actually helps you not starve so you wouldn’t need to eat lots of unhealthy food. This helps shift your meals to provide best quality of food for your body rather than quantity. You can find more tips on healthy snacks between meals here.

  1. Divide Your Plate


In order for you to have a good quality meal you have to divide your platter into 3 parts; half of which goes to vegetables such as green salads, quarter of it goes to protein, and the remaining part goes to your Carbs intake. Carbs are usually the most problematic source of gaining weight thus given the least share of your plate. They mostly go as a slice of whole-wheat bread for breakfast or 3 spoons of boiled rice for your lunch meal. You should avoid eating any Carbs before 7P.M unless you are going to exercise.

  1. Drink Water

Water is a main factor in losing weight and maintaining a well-balanced body. People are advised to drink 3-4Litres of water during a day with only a cup to two per hour. The amount per hour is to avoid the body turning the water into pee. In addition, you have to drink water before every meal to avoid the sensation of continuous hunger. Some times the body translates your thirst into hunger so drinking water during the day helps you avoid this misconception.

  1. Cut Off These Foods

There are certain foods or ingredients that you must cut off of your meals. These foods include white flour, sugar (white and brown), instant coffee, oil, and palm oil. These foods affect your body more than you can imagine especially palm oil, that goes into the processing of many manufactured food such as Nutella, instead you will replace them with better counterparts. You ought to replace white flour-containing foods with whole wheat foods, sugar with honey, instant coffee with naturally brewed coffee, and oil with margarine. This doesn’t mean you give up sweetness but you can still enjoy chocolate bars that are at least 70% pure cocoa.

  1. Exercise 30mins At Least


Exercising is very important for your body and not just for your weight loss. It increases your muscle mass which on its part helps increase your metabolic rate. Exercising also helps you get into your fighting spirit and that strengthens you mentally. There are many types of exercises but it’s advised that you do cardio and strength workouts. You can find helpful fitness apps in this article. Yoga after cardio is also a plus to help your body relax. You can read about the benefits of doing Yoga here.

  1. Sleep Well

Despite what you think but deprivation of sleep or distorted sleeping patterns act as a great factor on your weight loss journey. You must get well-balanced sleep to help your body be in a healthy state. You should know that your body burns calories as you sleep and this is why taking care of your sleeping patterns is a huge deal.

  1. Avoid Stress

Stress increases cortisol level in your system and this on its part decreases your body’s metabolic rate. You must avoid things that stress you or find a way to get rid of your stress. Again, you should do some Yoga to help you relax. You could do a 20min Yoga session before you head to work or college as this will help you be ready to face the world outside and be immune to stress.

  1. Avoid Weighing Yourself The First Month


The most common mistake that people do is keeping on weighing themselves every chance they get to. You should only weigh in yourself on the first day of diet. When you weigh yourself every week you might face the pressure of maybe losing little to no weight at all. This is why you must not weigh in before a month has passed so you would be accustomed to your new healthy lifestyle. Additionally, you ought to weigh in first thing when you wake up and the scale must be in the same spot every time you check your weight. This way you shall go on with your new healthy lifestyle.

  1. Take Your Measurements


Not taking your measurements is the biggest mistake people make during their journey. Scales can be deceiving when using it to define your weight loss journey progress especially when you always exercise. You should keep in mind that when you’re exercising you are also increasing your muscle mass which can affect the number on your scale. Taking in your measurements will help you determine whether you’re actually shaping your body or not. This way you can always avoid the pressure of the number on your scale. You will rejoice for the apparent progress on your body.

There you have it. The golden tips that are surely effective for every body type and lifestyle. You have to keep your mentality up while bringing your weight down. You should know that results tend to take 3 months for the least to take effect so you must never give up. This is your time to reach your goal.