Gallivanter: Cheaper, Easier And Safer Abroad Holidays.

Budget and program arrangement often impede our wanderlust. We’ve all come to the point where we planned a trip through travel agencies but backed off on account of the high cost and fixed program packages they offer. We’ve all got lost arranging a trip abroad: accommodation, transportation and sightseeing. In the case of ours, low budget roadies and backpackers who aspire to travel the world safely, we turn to Gallivanter: The least budget travel adviser possible.d5f3d869-8cfe-46e7-9908-fcfc77878196

Gallivanter is a travel adviser organization that seek helping low budget travelers cross borders with the least budget possible. It arranges everything from A to Z based on the roadie’s budget, unlike conventional travel agencies.

It is the exact opposite of a conventional travel agency. Instead of offering a package with a fixed cost and program, It arranges the trip with the program that fits the roadie’s budget. For example, if a travel agency offers only a week in Turkey for 18K EGP, It can plan a week in Turkey for only 8K EGP so that it fits the available amount of money.

It aspires to help bring tourism back to its peak level in Egypt. We’ve met people from different regions in the world that are not aware what Egypt is. We portray high cost and terrorism for many nations, so it recently brought a Polish family to Gouna, Hurghada and Cairo with a much lower budget than they could imagine for a fortnight.

It also tries to engage the Egyptian society to the idea of female solo travel. Gallivanter claims that trips they organize are safe for solo ladies who love to travel, as they arrange a trip based on avoiding culture differences and unsafe regions of the city at late hours of the day.

It also carries out sessions and PowerPoint presentations that help people learn how to plan their own trips, so that in the near future, they don’t need neither them nor travel agencies and make travelling even easier.d15004e0-a8b4-4500-ba1a-9f1596f9c8c4

The gap between us globetrotters and the countries we dream of visiting is bridged. Gallivanter has made it much easier to cross borders with a low budget.